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International Sailing Regatta!  See below.  Marion County is what's happing!

For some tourist, making money by visiting Economic Value Zones is a breeze, a real recreation.  Come to Marion County to make your next fortune!
Built in the Gold Zone, the new Marion County Utilities facility pruchase saved well over a million dollars compared to new construction.  Learn More... 

Previous Central Florida Banking Facility Leased by Marion County Utilities
Marion County Utilities locates near customers.  Previously located in Ocala Florida where they have no clients, Marion County Utilities located a frist class facility near their customer base. 

11800 S 441
Belleview, Fl 34421
Tel: 1-352 233 7990
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MainStreetChamber Comes to Marion County

Open for your shopping pleasure!
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Gallery East Presents the Art of Barbara Amabile.

Save Silver Springs endorses the prudent use of water proposed by Adena Springs.  

Welcome Adena Springs Cattle Ranch.  Don Browning highlights the reasons grass fed Cattle is from our past and a part of our future. 

Marion County's Gateway Bank Helps Bring Event to Lake Weir. 
USA Nationals Event to determie National Wake Surf Champion

Wake Surf Nationals Showcase Lake Weir
Discover Marion County highlights USA National Wake Surf Event!

Tourism Central: Native American POWWOW comes to Marion County.  Marion Chanber promotes.  Tourism Council beats the drum for a great Pow Wow turnout. 

Mayor Christine Dobkowski enters office.  Family and friends watched as Mayor Dobkowski and the city council got down to work.

Sub-plot: City Clerk Sandi McKamey becomes mini mayor for a day last week, and calls a telephone meeting of the City Council as new mayor is about to take office.

Is an unelected city employee over playing her hand?  Was her calling of council members a violation of the sunshine right of the public to be present? Will Governor Scott have to Step In?

Marion County Pumpkin Run, the Classic Auto Show.  

Marion Sun TimesVideo Presentation Report


The Grand Oaks Resort welcomes Classic Autos to Marion County

George Albright honored by the Marion County Community.


Visit The Nest on Lake Weir, Marion County Florida.

Economically surging ahead.  Belleview is drawing tourist and wealth from The Villages.

New economic advances under Mayor Elect Christine Dubkowski and her Economic Action Team

Central Florida is a Springs District Community.  Billions of Gallons are slated to a become Beneficial Recharge Source to the Floridan Aquifer.

A Celebration of Sailing on Marion County's Lake Weir.  The Harpoon World Championship!

Marion County Legislative Delegates, Senator Alan Hays and Representative Marlene O'Toole host Governor Rick Scott at The Villages for the Signing of the Jobs Budget.  Marion County's vibrant Villages is providing the Economic and Political horsepower to highlight Marion County as the Best Florida Visit and Place to bring your business.  Bring your family to Marion County and enjoy the opportunity.

Visit Kelly's Primary Oven when you can, you will thank your lucky stars! Get it while you can!

Senator Alan Hays presents Florida's Governor Rick Scott.

Ocala kicks off the masters event as Hershshberger & Huff Studios paint the town.  Artist flock to Join Economic Action Team with RED, $Green$ Blue  Color Palette.
Bevilleview  City Hall is a way to find the riches of Easy Florida Living.  Have a great time but don't forget to read the Disclaimer.  Ok Let's have some fun!  Gallery East is your artistic home away from home.

Senator Alan Hays and Representative Marlene O'Toole host Governor Rick Scott at the Villages for the Signing of the Jobs Budget.

Juliette Falls Ranked 6th in Florida by Golf Week.
Visitors Venue AwardŽ by TDC Marion County Florida.

 Marion County source for info .....What's Up Ocala!

Golfers Tee Up at world famous Juliette Falls Signature Hole #1. 

Juliette Falls is selected as the Treasure Tourist Destination by TDC Marion County.

Stay   Play   Live  Many quality of life opportunities await you in Marion County's Premier Resort

 Governor Rick Scott calls for better use of Florida's Water.  We have plenty of World Class Water and we intend to tell the World about our Treasures.
Citizens are asked to conserve water while Billions of Gallons of Clean Clear Fresh Spring Water runs to the ocean.   St Johns Water Management District officials explain stewardship and the proper way to take water while promoting growth of Florida's Dynamic Economy.  10% recovery to be injected back into the aquifer is now requested by Citizens.  Don Bronz marketing calls for everyone to be a better Steward of our Water.

Ocala LimeStone Dome Artesian Mineral Water.
Florida Promoted World Wide by Marion County Business.

Bernie Carty  Staff Writer Marion Sun Times

Water Water Everywhere.  Silver and Rainbow Springs 

A Billion Gallons of Crystal Clear Water Daily is dumped into the ocean and gulf of mexico. Now We will use some of that precious Aquifer Artesian Spring Water to promote Central Florida.   Local Bottler decides to add a hometown element to the popular use of Marion County's Mineral Water.   The Artesian Water Bottling Plant will be locally owned and provide over 50 jobs to local economy.  Ocala Cool is a suggested Brand Name that will help make Central Florida famous for our world class Ocala Limestone Dome Pure Artesian Mineral Water.


There is still time to get your name in as an applicant for the Director of the Marion County Tourism Bureau.  Current Director Ann Sternal announced her resignation and recommended her assistant Matt Dunn as her replacement.  Hundreds of citizens have been unable to find an official advertisement for this high paying position.   In the high unemployment climate of Marion County the $54,000 starting salary plus benefits is likely to draw strong competition.  The Ocala Board hinted that as soon as the position was filled an effort would likely advance the salary upwards with the cap at $90,000.  Concerns about a high paying government job going to a already employed insider is raising some eyebrows.  Highly qualified applicants are just now becoming aware of the opening.  One highly qualified potential applicant suggested that he would donate 50% of the proposed salary toward promotional needs of the county in light of the economic downturn.


EDC Marion County Director Don Browning addressed the Marion County Tourism Bureau about dropping the Ocala logo in favor of an effort to brand and represent all of Marion County.   



Lake Weir Sailing, an international event.  North from Chicago, Charlie Lemond and the Jamaican Invasion Sponsored by Appleton Estate Reserve   Jamacia Rum.
Ocala Marion County Commission Visitor's Bureau invites you to visit The Great Lake Weir for the Harpoon Nationals.
Hoist the Main and man the galley boys, it is double rations for all! 

New EDC of Marion County gains popularity without 6 figure salaries or Tax Dollars

Ocala EDC may fade along with other high dollar efforts of the past as Ocala attempts to rejoin Marion County.  

The New EDC Marion County supports all of Marion County including the cities.  

The Villages now the leader in all categories including overall EDC Florida's important catagories:

Wealth Generated, Reduced Unemployment, and National Economic Development 

Success of the Villages has passed old line Ocala as the driving force on the Marion County Economic Development Team

The Villages now bring more tourist to Marion County than any other city.  Visitors are seen as a key to solving the growing Ocala economic problems.  

The New Economic Action Team is helping pull Ocala back from crushing unemployment of 14%.  


Mark your calender for next year VFW Fort McCoy.

3rd Annual Department of FL VFW Retirement Home’s  Veterans Horse Festival

Location:  13005 NE 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL  32134. 

For information call 352-236-0823

or check out the following 2 websites for details and photos from last year’s event and what is coming in 2011. 

The event is FREE and Open to the Public!!  Food and beverages available. 

Governor Rick Scott announces his new economic plan in Marion County's Villages then follows with a visit to the Tea Party to introduce his 2011 Florida Recovery budget. 

Keith Perry joins the Marion County Legislative Delegation.  Joining Keith is Dennis Baxley who is returning to Legislative leadership in Marion County.  Dennis actually never really left.  He has been doing good work for the community ever since he was Speaker Pro Tem under Speaker Marco Rubio.   The time has arrived for Rep. Dennis Baxley to proceed to The office of Speaker, as his years in office and leadership benefit Marion County.

Villages/Marion County lead economic recovery effort.  Ocala residents will need all the help they can get to address utility rate increases, as old systems are updated.  Currently on the front burner are concerns that old stormwater drains to the aquifer to prevent flooding are causing a possibility of drinking water filter of once clean drinking water.  Alachua has for years injected into the drinking water aquifer, processed sewer effluent that may soon cause all Marion County residents to have to filter their drinking water at a much higher cost.  The New FDEP may be able to affect solutions without adding to customer bills.  It is going to be difficult, however Sewer Effluent is actually valuable for its nutrients if used correctly on the land surface.  New Bio-Fuel algae growth technologies hold promise.

Marion County is a patriotic place to live where businesses succeed.  Visit the new Marion County Chamber of Commerce and the new Marion County EDC.
Join the Marion County Economic Action Team centered in the Heart of Florida
New quality of life lead sponsored by Browning's List.  Visit the Fresh Market in the Villages for an unforgettable experience! 

The Gross National Debt

Central Florida leads the nation in US Congressional Reform.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning to understand how our nation's debt is building.  Join in the effort to understand and reverse this trend of National Borrowing by Congress. Ask your congressman to question every expense that will drive up debt.    Senator LeMieux is leading the charge to stop politics as usual.  Senator LeMieux is now retired and Marco Rubio is in office.  Senator Rubio is an experienced innovator who will be able to make a difference.

Congress needs our help.  Borrowing is out of control.  

$10 trillion has been borrowed in the last 20 years, mostly from communist countries.

 $2  Two Dollars a day since the beginning of time.   The Universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old.

If you are concerned about our Gross National Debt, look to the House of Representatives of the US Congress.  Central Florida's Cliff Stearns may be getting the message.  We all have to work together to end the debt cycle.    Ask Congress to hold the line.  Lets try to live within our means.

How much is the $10 trillion borrowed over the last 20 years?  Understanding the size of the debt will help solve our problem. 

  I got to thinking about how much congress would have to borrow daily since the beginning of time to build up our $10 trillion increase of the last 20 years.   If the 13 billion years since the big bang is accurate that is 5.2 trillion days.  $2 dollars a day added to our national debt since the beginning of time.  What ever technique you use to understand how big our national debt is, it is helpful to take time to understand the enormity of the number.  After World War II we had a similar debt and we worked our way out of the debt in a generation.  We can solve the problems if we put our productivity to work.

       MCA holds Exhibit featuring Bobby Goldsboro.  Sunday November 21, 2010.

Bobby Goldsboro has traveled the world as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and now as an artist with the MCA exhibit "The Art of Bobby Goldsboro".

Visit Gallery East in order to see the latest in fine art.  Marion County's leading Artist Venue.  Gallery East in now located in Belleview Florida.  Florida Council on Arts and Culture member Don Browning takes on effort to promote Arts in Marion County.  Gallery East in the center of Marion County is only the latest in positive growth of the Arts in Central Florida.  Linked by a vibrant client base with the Marion County Cultural Alliance just north in Ocala, and the King Gallery just to the south in the Villages the arts are flourishing in Central Florida.  Visit the Marion County Chamber for more details, and thank you to The Marion Sun Times for support.

New Marion County Courthouse Dedication.

VIP Crew Pose for Historic Opening Image
Judges and Elected Officials shown in VIP Crew Image
Historic Documentary Image of a Construction Crew
Construction Worker's Proud Moment Clouded by Judges Ruling

Big Day for Hardhat Workers who happened to be on the Job Site of the New Marion County Courthouse while building was under construction in November of 2009.
 Blue Sky High Pressure weather shows off the building Moss Construction Hard Hat Crew is constructing.  Now a part of "Icons of Marion County", "Construction Crew" brings new structures together with old historic structures.

 Carl and Kathy send out a grateful Thank you to the voters of Marion County.
Carl Zalak and Kathy Bryant receive highest rating from Tax Watch Florida for their respective Economic Action Plans.


Water Czar Bob Burton sees light at the end of the tunnel.  The long decline of Ocala is seen as an economic and political opportunity for development.  Ocala Star Banner reports that Ocala Storm Water utilities have been discharging tons of nutrients into the Silver River for decades.  Bob Burton reports that the City of Ocala may stop discharging directly into the drinking water aquifer via drain pipes installed in the last century.  Ocala may be able to create a bio-Algae Fuel solution to current high nutrient effluent problems.  It would make Sewer and Storm water an asset.

 Ocala Star Banner Breaks Story exposing problems deep within the City leadership.   Susan Latham Carr recently broke the story. The Most recent is a finding of hundreds of thousands of dollars double billed to the Federal Government.  Assistant City Manager John Zobler admits to Federal Investigation of double billing.  Adding to the problems with the feds, the City of Ocala reportedly measured the out side of trucks to determine the load size in an apparent attempt to cheat the tax payers.  

 It must be in the air.  TBW Fraud charged, Fraudulent billing charged by both candidates for governor, now Star Banner reports that Ocala fathers face charges of misrepresenting the size of city dump truck loads billed to the Federal government for hurricane cleanup work, plus apparently the tax payers were double billed.

World Recognized Villages advanced by CFCC Regional Political Coalition delivering San Francisco style Marion County Political Power to Alachua and Gainesville. Known as the Florida Collaboratory, Drs. Dessance and Sasser are the political leaders of the 21st Century in North Central Florida.  The effort to draw Marion County's Ocala off to serve Gainesville is a loss to all concerned except the Villages.  In an ironic twist, Ocala's flight away from Marion County and the Villages causes a deepening of economic woes.

 Congressman Cliff Stearns funding the political coalition Heart of Florida is causing problems for CCF's education mission.   The linking with Gainesville draws down Ocala's fortunes and possibly may add to already high unemployment.  The Heart of Florida Regional Political coalition has resulted in attention toward the sustained operation of Sewer Discharge into the Aquifer just up stream from Marion County, and expressly the Villages.  There is plenty of water in the Floridian Aquifer however that water is being tainted by the Sewer discharge efforts in Gainesville/Alachua.  However investigations shake out, we must do all possible to reduce unemployment in our area.  The new EDC of Marion may be just what the doctor ordered.  

The Dump site at the Gainesville Utilities Discharge site is not as far away as you might think.  Water degradation is only one of the problems associated in the CCF drive to link with Alachua and Gainesville.

Because of underground Karst Water ways, Contaminates from 50 to 100 miles away are just up stream.  Once under ground, sewer contaminates are free to roam and there is little that can be done except for expensive filtering at well sites.  Fresh water cost about $1.50 to recover per 1000 gallons if fresh and clean, however if contaminated by sewer effluent discharged at 400 feet, the water can contain many undesirable contaminates. 

Un-Elected College Presidents are up to their political elbows in Regional Water and anti-Conservative Political Power.  Go to Heart of Florida to understand how Cliff and Joan Stearns  have joined the Liberal Political Coalition centered around Santa Fe Community College and Central Florida Community College.

Once the Contaminated Sewer Effluent reaches the Retirement Centers with substancial Well Draw, word will get out as the contamination problem is better understood.  Nitrates are within the level where humans can consume the effluent, however the Human Hormone Estrogen and Testosterone can be a problem depending on your sex and the level of contamination.  How much is too much?  Only time will tell, however is is far better to have the Villages Residents determine their own fate rather than the un-elected presidents of local community colleges and our long term Congressman Cliff Stearns.  Stearns doesn't actually fund the discharge plants, however he and his wife Joan have worked directly with CFCC President Dessance to develop the Regional Political Collaboration with Gainesville Sante Fe CC President Dr. Jackson N. Sasser, that protects Alachua and Gainesville pollution practices.  


The Heart of Florida is focusing on Utility Discharge to the Aquifer used by Environmentalist to gain political leverage.

Kanapaha Sewer Plant is a key poster child of the polluters discharging 6.8 million gallons of Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer every day.  Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs are showing signs of the high nitrate discharges.

Farmers and homeowners have often been blamed for the Utility Discharge to the environment.  FDEP coming under fire for permitting the Discharges.

 The Villages form the foundation for Marion County Growth and vitality.  Ocala situated further to the north and centrally located, is the perfect traditional southern city.  Rich in history and surrounded by lakes, springs, rivers and forest, Ocala is on target to stand on its own soon.  The Economic Action Team is recommending Marion County look to its own vibrant area for growth.  Heart of Florida is Marion County
Marion County, Lake County and Sumter County Voters Celebrate the 4th in Grand Style.  When you visit our community get ready for Real Hometown  America!
It seemed like every Tea Party Patriate in Florida was at the Tri County Event on the 4th. Many candidates spoke to voters, however the incumbents were no where to be seen.  In the US Congress 6th District Race,  Incumbent Stearns missed a great chance to speak to the Voters about congressional spending and national debt growth.

Central Florida Republicans set a new record in showing dissatisfaction with growing government and national debt.  It now appears it will take another two years to dislodge Congressman Stearns. 
Marion County loves its politics and the recent Republican primary was a case in point.  Don Browning took on Cliff Stearns, the 22 year congressman who failed to show up at a single Candidate Forum yet still won the election will now take on Independent Steve Schonberg in the general election. 

Chip, PC and Bob Rose help promote jobs in Marion County.  Tune in.  Lets use a community dialog to bring prosperity to Marion County.  Double the wealth in 24 months.  New ideas, Growth and Prosperity can be ours. Every 2 years for the next 8 years, we can remove regulation, stop the land use strangle hold on our Marion, Lake, Alachua and surrounding Counties.  We can take back land use changes that are killing business.  Let's address issues a subject at a time and cut the shackles.  We are tied down Gulliver Travels Style.  Call Tom at Sky to get in on the action!  A new day is dawning, break old cycles, Don Browning has ideas that will bring prosperity to Central Florida.

Visit the VFW Veterans Home in Ft McCoy Florida.  The only one of its kind.  Honor our Vets.

Jaye Baillie of OcallCC.Com leads Marion County Group through the paces at the Florida Capital.

Remember Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary with donations. They are a 501c(3) and are in desperate need of funds for rehab of facilities.  Call Keith Belisle or Kenneth Lane for details.  Become a sponsor today!

In the Heart of FloridaMarion County builds the People's Courthouse, first in the Decade for the USA.  Judges thank, and praise the public for first class courtroom facilities.
Dr. NiblockHonored by the People of Marion County, delivers More with Less, Moss Construction comes in under budget.   Marion County Citizens deliver.

Ocala Harley Davidson is the place to be.  Marion County Bikers make Christmas better for many children.  Inter-Faith Takes Up Where Bikers Leave Off.

Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul leads the men's prayer breakfast in a morning prayer near the Ocklawaha River.

Dennis Baxley Agrees to seek his old House Seat, and again represent Marion County.
Meet some Marion County Leaders.

Dr. Lee Niblock opens the people's Courthouse in Marion County.

Welcome IHMC, world class thinkers open shop in Marion County.
Heart of Florida promotes education.  Marion County is taking a fresh look at education, especially as Arts and Science mix to promote over all learning.  Representative Kurt Kelly is lead legislator for Marion County delegation on Arts benefits K-12.  Senator Steve Oelrich leads the Higher Education effort.  Central Florida is on the move.
Get ready for the Best Florida Visit.  And be sure to include the Primary Oven when in Ocala.  Don't fight the urge to turn off I 75 when driving to Florida for a great adventure. Tell Kelly Don Sent You!  When in the Tri County Area visit the Work Force Connection if you are in need of a job.
 See Below: Nancy Ledding, Director of The Marion Cultural Alliance Brick City Center for the Arts, announces the Kent Weakley and Mark Emery Photography Workshop.  Not to be missed. 
Artist of the month,  Jose' Rodriguez, Murals, Oils, Pencil, Plein Air, and Water Color. A true talent.   Contact Jose at 352 245 7918.

Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul leads the men's prayer breakfast in a morning prayer near the Ocklawaha River.

Marion County is jumping with Community Action. Promotional services from world class web service, and publications  include  Ocala StyleOcala Home, the Marion County's Tourism Bureau, and Chamber of Commerce, all connecting vibrant Marion County.
Marion County's marque destination for fine living, golf, and culture is Ocala's Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club.  The 2009 U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur USGA Championship venue and the premiere cultural center of Marion County is Golden Hills.

Photon Magic Exhibit Feb. 18th at the Florida Arts CollegeSt Johns River Community College.

The people of Marion County Build the first Courthouse this decade in the entire USA!

Grab your camera, Marion County is the Birding Eco-Friendly vacation destination.  Come to Florida and have the time of your life!

Marion Cultural Alliance presents internationally recognized Kent Weakley and Mark Emery, and a unique opportunity to learn.  Attend the Beginners Photography Workshop.  Check for date and time of classes.  Marion County is the photography capital for landscapes, equine, birding, eco-images.  Come get involved.

Welcome IHMC, world class thinkers open shop in Marion County.
Heart of Florida promotes education.  Marion County is taking a fresh look at education, especially as Arts and Science mix to promote over all learning.  Representative Kurt Kelly is lead legislator for Marion County delegation on Arts benefits K-12.  Senator Steve Oelrich leads the Higher Education effort.  Central Florida is on the move.
Get ready for the Best Florida Visit.  And be sure to include the Primary Oven when in Ocala.  Don't fight the urge to turn off I 75 when driving to Florida for a great adventure. Tell Kelly Don Sent You!  When in the Tri County Area visit the Work Force Connection if you are in need of a job.
 See Below: Nancy Ledding, Director of The Marion Cultural Alliance Brick City Center for the Arts, announces the Kent Weakley and Mark Emery Photography Workshop.  Not to be missed. 
Artist of the month,  Jose' Rodriguez, Murals, Oils, Pencil, Plein Air, and Water Color. A true talent.   Contact Jose at 352 245 7918.

New Algae to Energy Bio-Fuel partnerships signal hope in using excess nitrates.  Florida's Spring Protection and the Floridan Aquifer may get a new lease on life.   Marion County is in a unique position to benefit from the new energy technology.

Marion Count Courthouse Committee asks artist to help tell the Marion County Story. Tourism, Agriculture, Technology, History, Adventure, World Horse Capital.

Florida Council on Arts and Culture member Don Browning joins Dr Lee Niblock, Nancy Ledding and Commission Chairman Barbara Fitos in creating an Art Destination to tell the fasinating story of Marion County Florida.

Economic Action Team welcomes Senators Dean, Oelrich, Lynn and Constantine to Marion County to help save Silver Springs.  Storm Water Harvesting is recommended by Team Conservation.  Smart Business, support the Senator Dean's Bio Energy Initiative, and the Work Force Connection.

Economic Action Team, recommends Storm Water Harvesting as a pollution solution whose time has come.

Butterflies help us remember childhood.

Relax, Enjoy and Come visit Marion County Florida.  You won't be sorry

and maybe you will stay for a life time. Bring Wealth and an attitude, both are welcome.

Top 10 Great Marion County Visits.

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